Ajaxterm - Digilinux English


Would you like to have your own beloved shell in a tab of your browser? Or connect remotely from computers that don’t have SSH? Well, all of this is possible thanks to AjaxTerm, a software fully developed in Python. As the more experienced can sense by the name, this tool can make appear on the  localhost:8022 a wonderful and colorful shell created without flash and heavy pictures, but jut with pure AJAX.

Once you installed AjaxTerm though PackageManager to make it start you just have to check that in the files /etc/ssh/sshd_config the voice PasswordAuthentication is set to “yes” (if it isn’t, you just have to modify it) to enable the autentification via password and then re-launch the service ssh (service ssh restart with the permission of the root)

At the end, you have to enter in http://localhost:8022 and enjoy yourself!

For more informations you can go to the Home of AjaxTerm.


Translated by silviadv2

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